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10th November 2018 - Pray God USA Republicans lose!

Perhaps I should re-phrase that to say, “Pray God Trumpian Supporters Lose”, meaning in the Mid-Term American elections.

Truth be told I had completely forgotten about them, until a Ugandan lady of a certain age, who helps out with my friends the O’Donohoes (husband an Irishman high-up in Insurance; wife Juliet, a Ugandan with Sebei and Rwandese blood: a super looker!) brought up the subject! She said to me, in very good Luganda, “I wonder who’ll win!”  Like lightning my brain, not in the best of health since being unexercised in the last few weeks when I’ve been in London, went immediately into a different gear, when remembering we were in November. So I was able to say, “Ah yes, you are bringing up America; and rightly too!” I offered my view that though the spoils might well be shared, the Democrats didn't seem to have a real champion upon whose mast their flag might rise and shine!

Mark you, Republicans were in the same boat bar, except (and I hate to have to say this!) without their current president. What a cruel universe we inhabit! When I turned to my daily news read, The Daily Telegraph, Tim Stanley in Washington DC, his offering was headed “The best result for America is if nobody wins”. He went on: "Dragged down by Trump, the midterm elections have only served to whip up the angry extremes.” I have to say that when I had thought of the Mid-terms at all, it was only to be surprised that the previous occupier of the Most Important Chair in the Universe as we know it, Barack Obama, only to note with alarm and regret that he seemed to be ducking his necessary role of leading his Party. And yet, with his pristine nice manners (which were perhaps holding him back!) his absence was dealing his Democratic Party the cruellest cut of all. Obviously he came to the same conclusion. You can only hope it wasn’t too late in the political game! Since both parties have won a house each, Trump will now find it difficult to dominate, thank God!

Here is the most un-swallowable thing of all. For the most time he has been in office, and even before that, especially when spewing his deformed ideas, President Trump has been barking up the wrong tree. His ideas on, say, Iran and its agreement on nuclear energy with the biggest nations on earth, which is holding up in every clause, has seen only the defection of the USA, demanded by Trump. What a shame! It is fitting to note that all the other signers are now actively helping those smaller countries who want to deal with Iran to be able to stand up to Trumpian threats. The UK has said it will defy US threat of “painful” consequences for trade with Iran. In fact it has said it will expand trade relations with Iran. On Monday, Downing Street (the British Prime Minister’s residence) said it encouraged UK firms to “take advantage" of commercial opportunities with Iran, and said work is being carried out on protecting businesses from the impact of secondary sanctions. “We regret the re-imposition of sanctions by the US,” the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said. The UK, France, Germany and the EU are are eager to see businesses continuing  to deal with Iran and the European powers said they would push forward with a Special Purpose Vehicle, a financial mechanism designed to allow firms to get around American restrictions. “Our collective resolve to complete this work is unwavering,” the four countries said in a joint statement. The rest of us can only say, “Bully for you for withstanding the bully!”


From possibly the only quality broadsheet newspaper still published in the UK, The Daily Telegraph, I have in vain searched high and low for news back home in Uganda. But on Tuesday, lo and behold it came, on page 14, and in 75 words. I copy it in full. Heading: "Ugandan president says the kitchen is for women.” Story: Yoweri Museveni, the Ugandan president, came under fire yesterday for saying he had not stepped into the kitchen since he got married and that it was not a man’s role to cook. As an example of how politicians and civil servants should stick to proscribed roles, he claimed in a statement on Sunday: The head of the home never goes into the kitchen.” Winnie Byanyima, Oxfam’s international executive director, said on Twitter, she was “disappointed.”
My beloved father, William Kyanjo Nagenda, was a wonderfully close husband to my beloved mother, Sala Nagenda, and in all the years we still had them on earth (they died relatively young: 60 and 5 months for him; 55 and 5 months for her) I never heard a rude word from him to her, or vice versa. I have racked my brain to recall whether I ever saw my Dad in the kitchen, though of course it was outside our house, and smoky. As for me, we have two kitchens, in Muyenga: the one inside I enter regularly. The one outside, attached to the workers’ house, I have never been inside. God give us long and useful lives, Amen.


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