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8th September 2018 - Splendid China offer to Africa

The great nation of China, thanks in large measure by the negative efforts of that always-contrary American president, Donald J Trump, has decided to invest around $60,000,000,000 to the often sleeping African giant continent, in an effort to wake it up to its true potential.

Rightly, China knows that to do so will put China itself towards the front of the queue of those to benefit. (It is a comforting fact that “Charity starts at home!”) Sixty billion will finally come to be seen as a drop in the soup. Poor old Trump as usual is groping in the dark, to coin a phrase! When the Chinese population recently made its Leader, Xi Jinping, a Life President, it well knew what it was doing. The results start!
Even so the United Kingdom, whose silly efforts to leave the European Union for a solitary role on its own might end in failure (an almost unique experience where to fail is to succeed!) had already seen the light by inviting Xi and his lovely second wife, Peng Liyuan, to stay at Buckingham Palace, a huge honour to a foreign dignitary. In passing, I should add that a great friend of mine from one of the leading English families, who had for long been belittling China, had to be brought round with smelling salts upon hearing the news. (Forgive one’s smugness!)
I hope and trust that on his sojourn to China this week, our own Leader worked hard to make the Chinese realise that in part due to Ugandan thieving, which has cost us dear, and which he was endeavouring to suppress, our comparative poverty qualifies us for part of the magical sixty billion as one of the poorer countries in Africa. With Museveni’s magical powers to impress it should be a doddle, and he can then go on a sacking spree like never seen before. I have in my possession a fairly short list headed Replacements; and were my name to appear on it, I would be delighted to offer my services!
Incidentally my old chum, General Quote Me, should never forget that he was among those in opposition to what they saw as wrong: indeed at one stage Leader of those fighting in the Six Year Bush War. To start now criminalising all those who hold counterviews to the Movement Government in the most severe terms is wrong, and may we never fall into that trap. He fought to have all the various views debated freely, and the irony of some of his name-calling, within just four decades of that, makes Freedom wilt. It is made worse when some do, in fact, quote him! If he said there were some rotten apples in the bag, it’s obvious, but this should always be balanced with calls for Free Speech.
The afore-going gives me an appetite to have another go (for “the truth shall set us free”) at the foul-mouthed American president, D J Trump! He has been alternately swearing at the official Opposition, the Democratic Party, and swearing even harder at those from the Republicans: it is to be wondered at whether he is a true member of that GOP (Grand Old Party): as Republicans like to call themselves in their more sentimental moments. He has termed those Republicans working against him treasonous, which usually meant “extreme acts versus nation or sovereign”. America has not had a monarch for centuries? Trump offers himself!
It is made even more gripping than usual by the fact that worldwide famous newspaperman Bob Woodward, is bringing out a book, quoting well-known Republicans who out themselves as moles deep within Trump’s administration, who use various measures to limit the harm done by him. Woodward has sworn not to give their identities away, which adds to the fun: all the usual suspects falling over themselves to swear their innocence.
The heaviest of them, in more ways than one, is Secretary of State Pompeo, who from a trip to Asia swore his innocence. Readers of this Column will recall his being outed as the leading Republican in the wings for next President, his sponsors being the two brothers, huge financiers of the GOP. As Pompeo made his denials, your columnist watched the space between his nose and his lips intently. Sure enough plentiful beads of sweat appeared there; or was this the columnist’s lively imagination?
Still in America, but now in the equally boilingly hot atmosphere of the tennis courts where the last Open of the season is drawing to a close: among the Women four semi-finalists: three are Black (two of them American; one Japanese, but with a Black American dad). Out of those, the two to the final were Serena Williams (36) and Naomi Osaka (20). Don’t miss them later today on DSTV. Another time I will say more about Serena, whose history deserves a full movie. Osaka seems destined to follow!
But I must end with a confession. When it comes to Sport I am a racist. With so many other doors closed to us, we’ve taken to Sport like a Duck to Water. Open those still closed and I will rapturously follow those involved with no automatic thinking on what their race is, “cross my heart and hope to die”!                  

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