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15th Sepetember 2018 - The non necessity of our standoff

By the “our” in the title, I am, of course, referring to Ugandan governmental affairs.

Even the Man on the Moon must know about these and be suitably concerned. Day after day we awake to yet other murders of our citizens at gun point, slain by well-trained hooligans, usually arriving at their killing points by motor cycle, and vanishing the same way. One result of this phenomenon is that capital city, Kampala, plus a few other areas, will be blanketed by cameras, thus hopefully making life safer for citizens, besides showing what was generally going on. It stands to reason: would you like to be shown murdering people?
More civilised people worldwide, where these cameras are commonplace, will ask, “Is that all?”, because these contraptions have long been part of their civil furniture, like, for example, traffic lights. But those in Agriculture, which if supported with the huge sums that will be spent on these cameras would transform Uganda, will cry out: “Think what we would do with that kind of spending!” Uganda is one of the most fertile places on Earth, and it’s almost criminal that it still mainly depends on the humble hoe, which should have been made illegal years ago!
No longer would we need to be scolded again and again that not so long ago we were ahead of, say, Singapore, in terms of our economy, and yet it is not unconceivable that the day might come when we might land cap in hand in that city state. Believe me, it hurts! And when on top of that is unleashed a general feeling that as a vehicle Uganda’s brakes have started squealing as we drive up a mountain, it doesn’t take genius to know a near-miracle is much needed. The question is: Have we the guts in our makeup to seriously work together for a remedy? The coming weeks and months will show. It’s not Words, however lofty, but Actions, that are needed!
If I, a tiny cog in the Ugandan wheel, can be so concerned at where we’re going, imagine where that leaves our Leaders, top of the pile being our own unquestioned President Yoweri Museveni. Last weekend he made an impassioned State of the Nation overview of where Uganda was. It took half-a-day via Radio and Television! I, probably most of my fellow citizens, dipped in and out of the Work (for Work it was) often. I am not being facetious when I say my Heart bled for him. Fortunately he’s blessed with inexhaustible energy.
Of course to be a real, Blood in the Flesh, Leader you must be hardened by Experience. Of this the President has almost exactly a third of a Century, on top of half a dozen years in which he and our heroes and heroines were fighting a Six Year Bush War, which triumphantly changed the face of Uganda seemingly forever. And to which a huge number of Ugandans, my own self included, were sworn to uphold. You can say, accurately, that “Great it was at that hour to be Alive and starting on a New Road!” Only adding that History teaches Humanity that a True Road never stops! And that its true nature must continually and continuously adapt to the Terrain. If not, the traffic will go elsewhere!
Only those with a multiple combination of qualities can qualify as its Great Drivers: honesty, big-mindedness, teamwork, self sacrifice, humanity, love of humanity, non-boastfulness, a sense of sharing, humour, truthfulness, equality before the Creator, humility (humbleness), pity for others, including enemies, generosity, experience, professionalism, a forgivingness. The list is endless: take your pick of those who best fulfil most of them. Will I fall into the trap of naming names? I will not!  And so the clock ticks, and if in working order, never stops.
Clearly there is the well-tried road where Parties are formed and appropriately Elections are held. Winner takes all, and Party Leader grabs the top job. Depending on their democratic inclinations (or better still those of their parties) the Elections follow each other with clockwork regularity. The fun (so to call it) starts when Constitutions are changed, for better or worse. How much more convenient if People were, instead, Sheep!
We go the silly route to consider impossible and impracticable roles for people who have never even taken the first rungs on the Ruling Ladder. For instance some have seriously advanced the case of two Martyrs, MPs Kyagulanyi and Zaake, especially after their critical wounding, to take over the running of Uganda! This is to deal in fantasies, forgetting the complexity of running modern States! Of course the fault is not theirs: it belongs to a system not yet streamlined for change at the top.
There are serious reasons for those in power being unable to hand over smoothly. But that’s a whole can of worms for another day. It necessitates those in power believing in grooming others; which is plainer than the nose on your face! To constantly berate and belittle the smaller fry is not the answer, merely pointing to a huge smallness. Thus, would dismantling the Movement and its Government, mean starting all over? Madness comes in many forms, of which this would be a major one!                         

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