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12th January 2019 - Britain Uganda house debates

Some years ago a Dr Williams from Britain came into Uganda, loved the country so much he stayed, working in its provinces, until he returned home, only to bid successfully and enter the British Parliament.

Now he was repaying Ugandan favours by raising matters regarding what he saw as the failures of its Government in Democracy, and calling as British MP for punishment of Uganda by Britain. The outcry from Ugandan keepers of its international reputation was swift and ferocious. I nearly joined in, but owning the right and might of this Column to try and offer my views (officially and unofficially) I bit my tongue, swallowed hard and waited.
Very early Tuesday morning I awoke, only to find that Mother Earth was moving as steadily as ever on its axis, but as for the Debate there wasn’t a word available, even on my faithful Computer! Off I sped to BBC News. Nothing! I wondered how exactly Dr Williams’ actions had affected our Motherland! Later some brief info showed the debate would be at 1630 – 1730 hours, British Wintertime, a whole hour. I remained composed, awaiting developments.
Listening to Dr Williams’ mostly honeyed words of the need for equality between nations, you might well have expected fairness in what might be said in the House of Commons. But as reported, his harsher notes showed whiffs of the Giver-to-the-Taker in the Debate’s language. Parliamentary exceptions were Stafford MP Jeremy Lefroy, who argued that criticism of Uganda should credit its soldiers who had died while peacekeeping in Somalia. And Dundee’s Chris Law lauded the Uganda Government for “its expansive policy on refugees, making it the third largest global host of immigrants”, no mean feat for a Third World nation: although he cautioned “the UK to be prepared to ensure democracy and the rule of law are protected”. (Going into Somalia was wholly Museveni-inspired.)
Dr Williams had alleged that “President Museveni was a barrier to Uganda’s development”. Astonishing since Museveni, and Uganda’s The Movement, had hugely engineered that development! Enthusiasm for such as FDC’s Dr Besigye, or Bobi Wine MP’s very recent arrival, should never have allowed such ignorant silliness as Williams’ statement! Even among those of us who hold Museveni in high regard for his huge contributions, many, no doubt including the President himself, are aware that he is only human, and thus fallible to human mistakes. Was Williams even remotely aware how far Uganda had fallen before the coming of Museveni and The Movement?        
President Trump of America bestrides the Universe like a Bad Deed; or, even more accurately: like a Bad Idea. It is very easy to become convinced that in the last half-century of his Life he has never said, or done, anything that was honest, or even meant to be so. At best the action might have come by happenstance, in his insatiable search for more wealth. This President moves entirely in Pretence Land, where he’ll simulate anything to fool his followers to expect from him that which it isn’t in his Nature to give. He is entirely obsessed by the need to join the Super Rich in order to satisfy a need within him which is unquenchable.  
Where will this land America? Because of where America sits at the Table of Nations, the question might be better put to say: Where will Trump land the World as we currently know it? By a wonderful stroke of luck (those who believe in the Total power of God the Almighty would say, “Let God’s Will Be Done”) and point to the propitious takeover of the US House of Representatives by the Democrats, and ask Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to put her foot down, and keep it there till Trump vanishes!
At his first Presidential Address from the Oval Office everything he said was a Lie wrapped in a Falsehood, and clearly for the umpteenth time. What’s more he told it without any attempt to deliver it in a less monotonous way, as if to say, “I couldn’t even be bothered to wrap it in any fashion which might be dubbed colourful! Take it as you like. Who are you that I should care?!” Consequently, the deep lines of his face made him look as if contorted into shapes for no useful purpose: presidential or otherwise. It was as if Dorian Gray’s devils had spat at him and deserted him.  
For Bathos, I can’t go without expressing amusement at words used by FDR Party Leader in Parliament Betty Aol Ocan in her Wednesday Daily Monitor article on the Opposition. Judging by her accompanying picture, she’s a pretty lady of a dark complexion (face only marginally lighter than her dark hair.) She wrote: “Already, Uganda is a black sheep in the original East African region…the blackness of Uganda will cast a dark shadow beyond East Africa.” Well, shiver my timbers! Of course naturally most shadows of our acquaintance are dark; but has Ocan never even heard of “Black is beautiful”? Even your Columnist used it, way back in his 1967 article in Race Journal, on Relationships between Africans and Black Americans. Mama Ocan, even if in your innermost self Black is Sinful, your political position, though in a collapsed Party, suggests you keep it to yourself!

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