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11th August 2018 - An answer to a conundrum

On Sunday I awoke and stretched, trying out my own home-made take on Yoga for half an hour, and, I must confess, finding it, if not overwhelmingly profound, still somewhat pleasurable.

But then, for some reason, Shakespeare’s opening soliloquy in Hamlet leapt into my mind: “To be or not to be, that’s the question…” I’d heard it, I suppose, more than a hundred times in my quite long sojourn on earth (80 is not chickenfeed!) but had stopped there, like re-greeting an old acquaintance. However this Sunday, of answer came this: “To be, or to be, that’s the reply!”
I rushed, as anybody would, to my computer to seek who had first used this answer as a reply, and claimed it in writing. Reader, of such answer, this time, was there none! Or, if you prefer, I couldn’t find it. Thus was born my today’s One Man’s Week. I could hardly breathe, but bring it to you today, and, if I am right, claim it as mine, myself, I, John Nagenda! It is the opposite of waiting for a horse to pass the post in first place, and afterwards claiming it to the bookie. (You might well get an injury!)
“To be or to be” aptly carries the message that “you are”; and, if you are: you cannot but be! It not only carries the importance of being but that you are exceedingly there, and have made all efforts to stay in that state. You are not “palely loitering” but fully involved. Your face and the way your body inclines itself in the occupied space, shows a satisfaction that is complete. Words as written here, point in that direction but are not strictly necessary, for contentment describes itself, by posture and by gesture: words are more expressive than grunts, one reason why we are a stage higher, and deeper, than beasts.    
I come to two fake blondes, partly because one of my modern-day heroes, US President Obama, had also reflected on the resemblance of one to the other: Donald Trump and ex British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. The latter faces growing criticism over remarking that Muslim women wearing the burka “look like letter boxes”, as he had alleged in 2012 that Obama removed a bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office due to his “part-Kenyan ancestry”. Obama shot back that Johnson was a British Trump, doubtless because of their inaccurate scribblings!
Churchill’s grandson MP Sir Nicholas Soames had called Johnson’s article “deplorable” and “completely idiotic”. Columnist Nick Cohen called Johnson “a man without principle or shame who fell into the gutter and stayed there”. Speaking of “part-Kenyan ancestry”, Mr. Johnson is a second generation Brit of Turkish Jewish extraction. Obama had made clear his great admiration of Churchill, saying at the time he moved the bust, “It’s right outside the door of the Treaty Room, where I can see it every day. I love the guy!” Some say Johnson should become British Prime Minister. It is utterly laughable, but then there were those who said his fake-hair lookalike Donald Trump should become US President!
That errant no-hoper among good folk is daily dipping downwards. His lie-telling is such that it would shock even Kampala’s most hardened tramps: up to now amongst the worst on earth. The only difference is that Trump followers are in a country and nation which is amongst the most important in the world today, and is therefore corrupting those very people who should be influencing for the better others around the globe. Republicans in the US form the worst victims to have come under his spell; it will take a generation for the Party to cleanse itself. Those in it who have seen this coming have rather retired than take him on.
The Bible, discussing the sinning cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, gives a graphic picture of what God can do to sinners like Trump, saying in the book of Genesis: “The Lord rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah. Thus he overthrew those cities and the entire plain, including all those living in the cities…” If accurate, you fear for America! Fortunately Trump has latterly been extremely rude about the Koch brothers, those two enormous investors in the Republican Party and in Secretary of State Pompeo. It will be great fun watching closely how this man, waiting in the wings for the US presidency, starts behaving towards the disappearing Trump!
The remaining space I lend to the sad news of the death of Yona Wapakhabulo, son of the much lamented late James Wapakhabulo and his wife Angelina, born in Tanzania but for many years Uganda’s highly regarded High Commissioner to Kenya. Yona was a splendid cricketer, and although very bright liable to escape from school from a young age, through boredom. The parents devised a way around it. He had to take a diary to school for teachers to fill in to say whether he had arrived, and remained. I missed Friday’s funeral service. Many of us, as different from each other as chalk from cheese, will hugely miss this many-faceted young and original man, who alas didn’t live to reach 50, though at cricket he once multiplied that figure four times to reach 200 in one innings!                                           

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